Common Issues Caused By Leaks In Your Commercial Roof
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Common Issues Caused by Leaks in Your Commercial Roof

Published by Andrew Schmidt

The little drip, drip, drip you keep hearing from the leak in your roof might not alarm you enough to call a roofer in Aurora, but you might want to reconsider that thought. As any professional roofer in Aurora can tell you, especially when it comes to commercial buildings, leaks can cause plenty of costly, inconvenient issues. In fact, in some cases, these leaks can cause a safety hazard for you and/or your workers.

To help you understand those issues and how they might affect your commercial building, this article will run through a few of the most common issues caused by leaks in your commercial roof.

Poor Perception of Your Building

A commercial building is a place of business, and whatever you do, it’s likely that you have people to impress. Whether those people are clients, customers, or business partners, when they come into your building and see that your roof is leaking, it reflects poorly on you and your business.

Damage to Equipment

While a poor perception may not directly cost you (at least not in ways that are obvious), water is not good for most types of equipment, especially electronic equipment. Obviously, the extent to which this issue might affect you depends on the type and amount of equipment you have in your building but, in almost every case, it’s going to be far more affordable to call a roofer in Aurora to fix your roof’s leak than to deal with replacing wet equipment.

Mildew Build Up

Water is mildew’s best friend. When you allow leaks to continue dripping water into your building, whether it’s contained to the ceiling or not, mildew and mold will build up, causing dangerous spores to be released into the air. This will cause sickness among people in the building which can result in worker’s compensation claims or increased absenteeism. 

Slipping Hazards

Fair or not, as a commercial building owner you are at least partially responsible for the safety of the people in your building. And leaks in your roof can cause safety issues such as a slippery floor. If someone visiting your building slips and falls and hurts themselves due to a leaky roof that you didn’t fix, you could be on the hook for significant legal fees. Considering how easy it is to call a roofer in Aurora, it’s a no-brainer to call one as soon as you notice anything wrong with your roof.

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