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Roofing Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonial: Jim F.

I contacted 4 local roofers based on recommendations from neighbors. I prefer to do business with locally owned  private companies with experience. My roof shingles were very curled and a small leak had started by improper flashing installation of radon stack vent, done before 2008 by prior owner.

Only two called me back (same day). One took 2 weeks to call back, one never responded. By that time the contract had been executed.

The contract for roof replacement was awarded to Showalter Roofing Service for these reasons:

  1. Prompt response by Jeff Rosier on my request for quote(inspected roof, gave quote on the spot, followed up by professional written proposal next day via email, all specifications and materials clearly defined, answered all my questions, attached pictures.
  2. Work scheduled about a week out. Materials showed up 7:45 am the day of job, crew arrived 7:00 am, earliest time permitted in Naperville to work. All debris from tear-off removed, driveway and roof cleaned.
  3. Sales contact checked on the job in progress and came back next day after completion, found a few loose nails on the roof, removed them, inspected job and clean-up (blew out a small amount of debris in garage from shingle removal), took pics of loose nails to show the crew as an opportunity to reach 100% satisfaction, and took new pictures for my file.
  4. Noticed my bathroom fan was improperly vented to the attic, installed proper new vent. Replaced all mushroom cap vents.
  5. Competitive price (all quotes were for same materials, specs).

Customer Testimonial and Q & A: Dan


Showalter Roofing Services completed a sheet metal roofing system on a home located in the western suburbs of Chicago.
We spent time with the homeowner talking about his new roof and the decision to choose a metal roof versus a flat roof or shingles.

See Dan’s video testimonials >

Q: What made you choose a sheet metal roofing system?

A: Dan – Before we decided upon a sheet metal roofing system, we considered a standard flat roof and TPO solution. When we compared the roofing systems, we found that even though the sheet metal cost more in the short term, the durability, longevity and saving on our cooling bills in the long run quickly justified the investment. We are also environmentally conscientious and are proud that the metal roof we chose is Energy Star rated, is partially made of recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.

Q: Have you experienced cost savings as a result?

A: Dan – Yes, the cooler roof temperatures resulted in less cooling as well as savings on our bills.

Q: How did you come to choose Showalter Roofing for your metal roofing system?

A: Dan – We originally hired another roofing company to install our metal roof. We had a negative experience with many problems, so we cancelled the contract. We relied on the reviews found on Angie’s List and visited the website. We bid the project out and found Showalter to be very competitive with their quote. That’s how we decided upon Showalter Roofing.

Q: Because it was a metal roof, did it attract the heat and become too hot?

A: Dan – No, Showalter Roofing had performed a temperature test and found that the old roofing system topped out at 160 degrees F and now on really hot days, it doesn’t go above 95 degrees F.

Q: Metal makes a lot of noise. Is it loud in the house on rainy days?

A: Dan – No, the insulation has eliminated any excess noise. It’s no different than our old roof.

Q: What did Showalter find during the inspection that was identified as challenges to your particular roof?

A: Dan – When Showalter Roofing came out to evaluate the roof and provide a free estimate, they identified three key issues:

  • The roof is a low slope roofing system
  • There are 3 different sections of the roof that had different levels
  • Drainage.

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