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Residential Green Roofing

What does “green” mean for residential roofing?

It’s a way we can all work together to conserve energy, save money and help the environment at the same time. Conventional residential roof systems absorb heat from the sun. The absorbed heat enters the building and causes the air conditioning to run more frequently and to use more energy. Showalter Roofing uses modern energy efficient materials and expert installation to save our customers hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.

It is important to understand the various terms and concepts of what makes roofing system energy efficient or green.

Shingle Recycling (for an extra fee)

Chicago-area residents can now recycle their roofs; turn shingles into asphalt for new roads.

Light bulbs, paint cans, batteries….and now roofing shingles join the list of easily recycled products used in and on the home. Environmentally-conscious Chicagoland homeowners now have the option of hiring local roofing contractors who will recycle old torn-off roofing shingles.

This new Chicago residential roof recycling capability is part of a national strategic alliance between Owens Corning and Heritage Environmental Services to create a program that will recycle old roofing shingles and repurpose the asphalt to pave new roadways.

Shingles are Cool

Cool Series and Cool Series Energy Savings are two lines of shingles developed by GAF in order to absorb less heat from the sun and keep the roof system cooler during hot summer months.

Another top manufacturer, Certainteed has also released their environmentally friendly shingle called Landmark Solaris. Read more about the shingle.

Learn more about ‘look alike’ or PV shingles that conserve energy and generate electricity directly from the sun. Contact us to learn more about PV shingles today.

Ready to explore one of our green roofing solutions? Contact us today to learn more!

PV Shingles

PV Shingles

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Architectural Standing Seam Panels

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