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Roof insulation is a vital component for the durability and strength of any commercial building. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs, or risking moisture in your building, consider professional commercial roof insulation. Showalter Roofing offers expert installation and repair with a wide selection of insulation materials to choose from.

Our Commercial Roof Insulation Services

Showalter Roofing is here to provide fast and seamless insulation installation services for your commercial building. Our commercial roofers have the latest tools and onsite experience for a quality finish. You’ll notice cost-savings and energy efficiency with a superior, curb-appealing design to highlight the building.

Different Types of Roof Insulation Materials

With that, we offer a wide variety of commercial roof insulation materials, such as

  • Foam Boards: Polyurethane and polystyrene foam boards are popular insulators due to their thickness, moisture resistance, and easy workability. They have a higher R-rating than fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Radiant Barrier: Radiant barriers are one-sided or two-sided heat-reflective barriers. They provide a low emittance surface and can attach to other insulation materials for additional protection.
  • Sprayed-Foam: One of the most popular insulating materials for roof assemblies. Roofers spray, pour, or inject liquid spray foam into attics, walls, and under floors to reduce energy leakage. Spray foam insulation can provide a higher R-rating than other insulation materials and fill even the smallest cavities for seal-tight resistance.
  • Wood Fiber: An organic insulation material, wood fiber boards use a composition of wood, cane, or vegetable fibers mixed with binders and fillers. They may additionally have asphalt coating for extra moisture resistance.
  • Blanket Insulation: Blanket insulation rafters or rolls use fiberglass, plastic, or natural fibers as a cost-efficient, durable material.

The R-value measures the material’s level of thermal resistance. Higher R-values indicate high performance.

Waterproofing and insulation PVC on a commercial roof.

Benefits of Professional Insulation

Adding a layer of insulation to your commercial rooftop is cost-effective and energy-efficient. Insulation products add many notable advantages, such as

  • Shields the building from wind, rain, and heat
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Lowers heating and air costs
  • Protects against moisture and mold growth
  • Provides high thermal performance
  • Works with various roofing systems, like metal, single-ply membranes roofs, asphalt, and slope commercial roofs
  • Adds mechanical strength to support the roof’s long-term durability and resilience

Another benefit to insulation materials is that we can install them whenever. Whether it’s for new construction on a new commercial building or on a pre-existing roof membrane, our expert roofers can install and repair insulation materials in no time.

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