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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing, windows, and siding services!


Safety is our #1 priority.

We take safety seriously at Showalter Roofing. We are guided by OSHA regulations and train our workers on a regular basis. It is important to review the basics and keep abreast of the newest technologies found in the marketplace today.

We provide our crews with all the safety equipment needed for the work that is to be done. While others may require their employees to provide their own tools and equipment, we think that it is our responsibility to protect our customers by protecting our workers. All of our foremen have completed at least 8 hours of OSHA training. Our job superintendent has completed 30 hours of OSHA training and is an instructor for the National Roofing and Contractors Association’s CERTA safety training.

Showalter Roofing is committed to a drug-free workplace. Our Employee Handbook states:

“Showalter Roofing is strongly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees (with the expectation that all employees will discharge their duties at an acceptable performance level and be unimpaired by drug and alcohol use). The use of alcohol and/or drugs by employees can undermine employee productivity and the company image. For these reasons, the company has implemented a strict drug and alcohol policy:”

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