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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing, windows, and siding services!

Roof Maintenance Program

Showalter Roofing’s Maintenance Program works to help you:

  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Save on preventable repairs
  • Save on interior damage

Our Maintenance Program is renewed on a yearly basis and monitors your roof so you can focus on other issues that require your attention.

Ponding water on a roof

Ponding water on a roof

Here’s what you can expect from a Showalter Roofing Maintenance Program:

Roof Analysis

We will begin by conducting a roof analysis. At the end of the analysis, we will discuss the findings and results in our Roof Analysis Report. This Report is for you to keep in your records and refer back to it when necessary. However, for Showalter Roofing, this becomes a working document that we refer to each time we inspect your roofing system.

Repair Budget – if necessary

Based on the results of the Roof Analysis, repairs may be necessary to avoid further deterioration of the troubled areas. We will set up a repair budget to improve the condition of your roof so it can be maintained effectively.

Replacement Budget

Our roof analysis will also estimate the time remaining on your present roofing system so that you can budget years in advance for this important part of your building envelop that protects everything you value inside.

Inspection Schedule

Showalter Roofing will inspect and maintain your roof annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. We will both decide what is best for your roofing system to avoid any issues. You can expect that after each scheduled visit, you will receive a detailed analysis of your roofing system.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Please note that many of the quality manufacturers of roofing materials and products such as GAF, Certainteed, and other major manufacturers require that a semi-annual inspection or maintenance be completed to be under warranty. These manufacturers require documentation of semi-annual roof maintenance. The report generated by Showalter Roofing meets and exceeds the requirements of the manufacturers.

Maintain Records of Your Roof’s History

By using Showalter Roofing for your roofing system, we maintain a database with the historical information on your roof. We believe that keeping the history on your roof will help us to better identify patterns of problems, age, wear and tear, and damage caused by natural causes such as snow, ice, wind or rain. It helps us to diagnose issues faster, better and more efficient. Our database system will also notify us of when it is time to conduct the next maintenance visit.

Results are in Green

Green is a great color. You will save money in many ways, but you will also be green to the environment. Showalter Roofing ensures that the roofing system is sealed as best as possible to avoid any energy escaping through the roofing system. It is our responsibility to contribute back to the environment by being a responsible company by conserving energy and recycling products when and where we can.

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