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Commercial Green Roofers

What does “green” mean for commercial roofing?

‘Green’ roofing is a concept Showalter Roofing has been practicing for years. It’s a way we can all work together to conserve energy, save money and help the environment at the same time. Conventional commercial roof systems absorb heat from the sun. The absorbed heat enters the building and causes the air conditioning to run more frequently and use more energy. By using energy efficient materials and the correct installation method, saving energy can be realized in hundreds to thousands of dollars each year.

Commercial Green Flat Roofing ChicagoIt is important to understand the various terms and concepts associated with green, energy efficient roofing systems.

Single Ply materials (GAF TPO & IB PVC) TPO, Single Ply Membranes, is a flexible plastic material that does not contain chlorine or plasticizers. Because of the absence of chlorine, it can be classified as an environmentally safe ‘green’ product as well as being 100% recyclable. TPO is also flame retardant and has a reflective rating in the high .75 and when tested again after 3 years, still maintains a rating in the lower .70. It allows the cool air to stay in the building during summer and heat in the winter, keeping your energy consumption and bill payment down.

It is important to understand the various terms and concepts associated with green, energy efficient roofing systems.

TPO roofing materials come in wide sheets and are seamed together with hot air. An amazing benefit of TPO is that after the seams are heatwelded, it becomes stronger that the roofing material itself, it locks out any potential leaks. And since they are installed as wide sheets, labor time is reduced resulting in cost savings.

Temperature Variations on Different Roofing Systems

Commercial Green Roofers Chicago

Heat absorbs differently based on the roofing system. Showalter Roofing tested the temperatures of four different type of roofing systems based on a single summer day of 90 degrees. The results clearly show hot asphalt absorbs the most heat and TPO or Thermal Plastic Roof absorbs the least.


R-value measures the resistance of heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more the insulation will resist heat. Insulation is a key component to all types of roofing systems including metal. It keeps the heat or cold inside your building where it belongs. Learn more about it with insulation from Nationwide Foam, Inc.

Interested in knowing how much you can actually save by going green?

Try this great calculator:

Types of Coatings

  • Aluminum Coatings: maintains roof (Lucas & Karnak)
  • White Coatings: restores roof (GAF MB Plus & Karnak)
  • Topcoat – Energy Savings Liquid Applied

Incentives to Make the Move

Tax Benefits are the government’s way of helping us to achieve green. Keep up to date on the latest tax benefits by asking your accountant or visiting the government website.

Sources for Federal/State Tax Information:

Rooftop Garden

Gardens (installed over TPO/PVC roofs) are a great way to make use of the sunshine and keep the inside temperature consistent and comfortable. Learn more about what it takes to achieve a real ‘green’ environment.

Rooftop Garden

GAF has created a reliable roofing system for growing vegetation while keeping the water on the roof for the plants and not in the building.

The system shown features a great vegetation solution for a successful garden roof.

The growing medium is a custom formulated blend designed for the Midwest harsh seasons. The system includes a special organic food that promotes fuller, faster plant growth. It also has a carbon filtering compound improving the quality of the plant water.

The 4-in-1 drainage foundation system helps to protect the roofing membrane, retains only the necessary water and helps to keep the system from clogging.

Waterproofing System is a single-ply TPO or multiple-ply TriPosite roofing system known for its reliable waterproofing ability.

Green Grid Green Roofing System

Rooftop Landscaping

A Modular Tray System is a green roofing solution that can be easily adjusted and rearranged after installation. Because of this, roof maintenance and repairs are easy to do. Learn more about modular roofing systems today by clicking on the links below.

Green Roof Blocks Green Roofing Products

Rooftop Landscaping

Green Roof Blocks is a self contained portable roof greening product that functions like roof pavers to ballast single ply roofing systems or rest on top of your existing roofing.

Installation is fast and easy and results in a plush green roofing system.

Brighten Up Your Facility the Natural Way

Natural Light

Orion’s high-intensity fluorescent technology provides the most light possible for the least amount of energy input. The broad designs allow for effective use in a variety of applications, such as an expansive exterior space, an enclosed freezer with temperatures of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or an interior space with ceilings higher than 100 feet.

Learn more about the natural light way from Orion

Commercial Sun Tunnels by Velex

Sun Tunnel

Natural light is one of the most economical ways to bring natural light inside of a commercial building. The natural lighting system is modular in design and allows you to place sun tunnels in your choice of locations.

Maxi Solar Sun Tunnels

Maxi Solar Sun Tunnels

Tubular skylights are a great way to bring natural light into dark areas. Darkened areas such as corridors, conference rooms, warehouse facilities, swimming pool areas are just some of the locations that can appreciate natural light.

Commercial Green Roofing Systems

Roof Solar Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight directly to electricity. They work when the sun is shining. PV allows you to produce electricity-without noise or air pollution-from a clean, renewable resource.

Wind Turbines – Perfect for the Windy City

Being in the windy city can be a benefit with your own wind turbine. A wind turbine creates electricity by simply using a renewable resource; the wind.

Recycling for the Next Use


Materials manufactured by GAF and CertainTeed are made from recycled materials wherever possible. Over 90% of waste is recycled for other uses. Learn more about their great recycling programs now:

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