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Oak Brook homes are unlike any other in the western suburbs. Sleek angles, custom lines and distinct shapes, make them innovative in virtually every regard. Repairing, installing, maintaining or inspecting Oak Brook roofs is a task that many of our industry colleagues simply aren’t cut out for. Fortunately, we are. Showalter takes great pride in its ability to service, repair and install any type of roof – regardless of size, uniqueness or complexity.

Oak Brook Roof Repairs

What do you do when your roof beings leaking uncontrollably and unexpectedly? Or when you arrive home to find shingles in the front lawn? If you’re anything like other savvy Oak Brook homeowners, you call the company known for their artistic vision, uncompromising work ethics, and attention to even the most painstaking detail. Showalter Roofing has been serving the Oak Brook & Oak Brook Terrace community since 1979 and we look forward to helping you get back to enjoying all the comforts of your home.

Oak Brook Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof in Oak Brook, especially if you own a larger luxury home or estate, is something that simply can’t be undertaken by an amateur. Considering the statement your home makes, you need the assurance of an intently-experienced professional roofing company; one who works masterfully in all regards, sees problems as improvable solutions, and listens to your every request. With over 34 years of experience in Oak Brook and Oak Brook Terrace, we and our customers have complete confidence in our abilities; so can you.

Residential Roofing in Oak Brook IL

Even the most uncomplicated roof repair can wreak havoc on your Oak Brook home. The scary thing, is that many problems aren’t easily-detected by the naked eye. At Showalter of Oak Brook, our professional Master roofers utilize the latest inspection technology, and are leaders in their respective fields. We quickly and accurately identify leaks, moisture, worn structures and other potential problems, before they have the chance to cause greater damage. Call Showalter today, for a free quote and answers to common questions.

Commercial Roofing Installs in Oak Brook IL

If you own a business in Oak Brook, you already know how important the roof of your building is, to the success and continuity of your operation. Leaks, sagging, standing water and moisture pockets are no match for the professional roofers at Showalter. When it comes to the structural integrity of your building, take no chances. Call the most well-respected and sought after company in Oak Brook. We provide lightning-fast response, unparalleled service, and the kindest, most professional roofers in DuPage county.

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    Our work speaks for itself. Our teams of commercial roofing contractors consist of highly trained roof maintenance specialists and our partnerships with leading manufacturers means that we install the best roofing systems available.

    Customer Service

    Our employees are committed to customer service, from our teams on the roof to executive management and everyone in-between. We are listening to our customers, driving our commitment to best in class customer service to ensure your commercial buildings remain in excellent condition.

    Project Management

    From pre-planning and project kick-off to completed job and project close out-our team works with yours on every detail. Working together is critical for mutual success, especially during a commercial roof replacement.


    We maintain a database of our maintenance customers’ roofs and associated condition reports, that has us alert them when service life may be a risk or coming to an end.


    We take safety seriously, from our crew training, to our on-site practices and team huddles.

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