Why Fall Is A Popular Season For Roof Repair
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Why Fall is a Popular Season for Roof Repair

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Many factors go into roof work: temperatures, the height of the roof, weather conditions, and so much more. Now that fall is in full swing, roofing repair services in Glencoe, Il are more popular than ever, and this is for good reason. Fall is an extremely popular time for our team for the following reasons:

Stormy Season Is Ending

The summer is known for many storms, so now that fall is starting, storms are less frequent. Now is a great time for our team to assess any damages that may have occurred during the summer months and make sure that your roof is prepared for a long winter ahead.

Ideal Working Conditions

The fall is an ideal season for us to work because of the mild temperatures. It is especially ideal weather if you need any asphalt shingles installed, as mild temperatures better seal them to the roof itself. If the weather is too cold, such as winter, dealing with these shingles can be tricky. The shingles may become brittle or break.

Preparation for Winter

Many of our customers reach out during the fall to make sure that their roofs are ready for winter. This also helps increase your roof’s productivity, saving you money on your monthly energy bill.

Don’t wait until the winter to have your roof looked at! Our team at Showalter Roofing Service, Inc. is only a phone call away.

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