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Why Do Commercial Buildings Have Flat Roofs?

Published by Andrew Schmidt

When you think about commercial buildings, you probably notice that many have flat roofs. Have you ever wondered why that is? In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons behind this common architectural choice and the advantages it has over other roof variants.


One of the primary reasons why commercial buildings often feature flat roofs is cost-effectiveness. It’s easier and more affordable to construct flat roofs than a pitched roof with multiple angles and slopes.

You can also use many types of flat roof materials for flat roofs. PVC roofs, metal roofs, and synthetic rubber single-ply membranes are all common options. This versatility offers building owners attractive and easy-to-install commercial roofing systems while saving on their construction costs.

Extra Usable Space

Flat roofs provide extra usable space for various purposes. You can install HVAC equipment, plant a rooftop garden, or install solar panels easily on a flat roof. A flat roof design maximizes the available space, allowing for versatile and efficient utilization of the building’s design.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is critical for any commercial building, and flat roofs are relatively easy to maintain. The lack of slopes and angles makes it easier to perform routine maintenance tasks, like cleaning or repairing roofing materials. This ease of maintenance can save businesses time and money in the long run.


Accessibility is another benefit of flat roofs. It’s safer for roofers to access flat roofs for maintenance or equipment installation than on a steep-sloped roof. This accessibility can be particularly advantageous for businesses that require regular inspections or have specialized equipment on their rooftops.

Space for HVAC and Equipment

Commercial buildings often house HVAC systems, satellite dishes, or other equipment on rooftops. A flat roof provides ample space for roofers to install these essential systems without interfering with the building’s aesthetics or functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal

While flat roofs serve their practicality, they also help with the building’s curb appeal. They provide a sleek, modern look that aligns with the architectural trends of many urban and industrial areas.


A flat roof on a modern apartment building.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial flat roofs can also be energy-efficient in their design. They offer more potential for green roofing, like solar panel installation, rooftop garden, and sustainable roofing materials, like recycled rubber roofs. As a result, green roofing can help reduce the building’s energy consumption and lower utility costs.

Call Showalter Roofing for Commercial Flat Room Services

Commercial flat roofs are a popular choice for practical reasons, such as cost-effectiveness, extra usable space, ease of maintenance, accessibility, and energy efficiency. They also offer an opportunity for businesses to enhance their building’s aesthetics while meeting their functional needs.

If you have a commercial flat roof that requires maintenance or repair, turn to Showalter Roofing. At Showalter Roofing, we specialize in commercial flat roofing solutions. We’ve provided commercial roof repairs, drainage system installations, and other services for various types of roofs for over 50 years. Call us today at 630-499-7700 to schedule a free consultation.

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