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Take the Steps to a New Roof

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Renovating your roof? Read this list of things to know before you begin.

  1. Keep up appearances: Never forget to consider the look and styling of your roofing. 
  2. Sneak a peek: Inspect your roof from a safe vantage point with binoculars, looking for cracking, curling, and missing shingles.
  3. Know the code: Check your local municipal building department to find out how many times you may re-cover an existing roof with the same materials.
  4. Take a picture: Many contractors can take a digital image of your home and show you how it would look with different roofing materials.
  5. Get it in writing: You should get a detailed proposal from your roofing contractor that describes the style and materials of the work, as well as an outline of the work to be done.
  6. Consider alternatives: There are certain roofing materials that mimic others, such as synthetic materials designed to have the same appearance as wood shingles but are more fire-resistant.
  7. Vent a little: We already discussed the importance of attic ventilation and how it ensures a long and functional life for your roof.
  8. Do your research: Visit Showalter’s website for more tips and guidelines, and meet our team of residential roofers!



Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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