Spring is in the Air and Winter is Left Over on the Roof
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Spring is in the Air and Winter is Left Over on the Roof

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Welcome Spring!

It has been a long hard winter and it started early this year, so I am ready for sunshine and clear skies!  It’s the time when everything comes alive, when the deadness of winter springs up into new life. What once seemed dead is coming back to life with anticipation of beautiful colors and fragrant smells. aaaahhhh!  I know, you wonder about a roofer in Illinois who enjoys flowers. I grew up on a farm so working outdoors is in my blood and working the fields brings back fond memories. So had I not chosen roofing for a career path, landscaping was my backup plan. Either way, I enjoy working with my hands.

While spring begins tomorrow, so do the heavy rains. Before you have one big mess on the roof, take a moment to clean out your gutters, drains, and any debris left behind on the roof from winter. It’s true, you will have to do it again come summer, but to eliminate the debris will enable the water to flow away from the house and not settle in unwanted places. It is also a good idea to make sure the penetrations that come through your roof are secure. Sometimes chimney caps get loosened and caulking on chimneys and vents crack and come loose. Also make sure your vents are open and not smashed down from animals or the winter snows so that air can pass through and not block the ventilation system.

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