Importance of Spring Commercial Roof Inspections
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Why Spring Commercial Roof Inspections are Important

Published by Andrew Schmidt

When winter’s harsh conditions give way to the milder days of spring, commercial property owners are presented with the perfect opportunity to strengthen their buildings’ first line of defense: the roof.

Spring inspections are more than routine maintenance. They are crucial preventative measures that allow business owners to repair winter damage and prepare for the challenges of summer.

Read on to learn more about why you should get your commercial roof inspected this spring followed by a checklist of helpful tips for roof longevity.

The Impact of Winter Weather on Commercial Roofs

The winter months can be hard on roofing structures, subjecting them to conditions that significantly accelerate wear and tear. This is especially true in regions with harsh winters like the Midwest.

Thermal shock, resulting from dramatic temperature fluctuations, can lead to the expansion and contraction of roofing materials, weakening them.

Additionally, the formation of ice dams—ice ridges that prevent melted snow from draining off the roof—can cause water to back up, potentially leading to leaks and structural damage.

A spring roof inspection will identify these issues and more so they can be professionally addressed.

Reasons to Schedule a Spring Roof Inspection

Winter Wear Assessment

During winter, your roof is subject to many sources of stress and degradation. A roof inspection will help you learn if any damage has occurred.

Inspections can also reveal hidden issues like thermal shock effects, compromised insulation, and physical strain from heavy snow. Each of these issues can lead to severe damage and expensive repairs if not taken care of.

Preventing Summer Damage

Just as the cold poses unique challenges, so does the heat. Intense UV exposure, thermal expansion, and more can further harm an already vulnerable roof.

This makes spring inspections critical, as areas weakened by winter conditions might not withstand the coming heat.

Timing and Efficiency

Mild spring weather means safer conditions for roofing professionals. The spring is also a window of opportunity before the summer, which is the busiest season for roofing professionals.

Identifying roofing problems in the spring allows for effective repairs and preventative maintenance without any scheduling challenges.

Simplified Documentation

A thorough inspection generates a detailed report of your roof’s condition, crucial for warranty management, insurance claims, and maintenance planning. This record is invaluable for tracking your roof’s health and planning future investments.

Your Spring Roofing Checklist

To help you identify potential issues before scheduling a professional inspection, consider the following checklist:

  • Look for Interior Signs of Water Damage: Start by checking the inside of your building for water stains, swollen ceilings, discoloration, and other indications of water damage.

  • Check for Mold: Not only can mold damage your building, but it can also make the air inside dangerous to breathe. When checking for mold, pay particular attention to dark, damp corners.

  • Assess Gutter and Drainage System Integrity: Ensuring your gutters and downspouts are clear is crucial for preventing water backup, which can severely damage your roof.

  • Check the Exterior of Your Roof: Do not step on your roof if there is snow or ice present. Instead, call a roofing professional. If it is safe to walk on your roof, you can check for visible damage, wear patterns, and any issues with flashings and sealants.

Partnering with Showalter Roofing for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Spring is an essential window for maintaining your roof. Showalter Roofing can help you take advantage of this opportunity. Our commercial roofing experts will perform a detailed inspection and help you plan repairs as necessary, ensuring your roof is not just fixed but also protected against future damage.

Call Showalter Roofing today to schedule a commercial roof inspection.

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