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Special Sheet Metal Focus

Published on March 28th, 2011

Sheet metal roofing systems are growing in popularity for both commercial and industrial buildings as well as homes and townhomes.

The popularity is due to the long lasting wear, clean appearance and little to low maintenance. However,

Metal Roof

Metal Roof

not everyone can install a sheet metal roofing system correctly. Showalter has the experience and knowledgeable team to recommend and install the right roofing system.

Showalter installed a roofing system at a home in the western suburbs of Chicago. We’ve had an opportunity to speak with him and give us his perspective on the experience.

Q: What made you choose a sheet metal roofing system?

Dan – Before we decided upon a sheet metal  roofing system, we considered a standard flat roof and TPO solution. When we compared the roofing systems, we found that even though the sheet metal cost more in the short term, the durability, longevity and saving on our cooling bills in the long run quickly justified the investment. We are also environmentally conscientious and are proud that the metal roof we chose is Energy Star rated, is partially made of recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.

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