How To Remove Snow From Your Roof – Prevent Ice Dams
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Snow Removal

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Sick of the snow already? There is a lot of winter left and sure to be more snow with it! And while snow looks pretty up on the roof, it can create a lot of problems, such as ice dams and icicle formation. However the weight of snowfall alone can be dangerous for a home or facility’s structure.

A foot of light snow is just about five pounds per square foot, just about equivalent to an inch of water. Packed, heavier snow can weight 10 to 20 pounds per square foot, and snow that has melted and refrozen can weight up to 40 to 60 pounds per square foot. When you think about all the weight on top of your roof, it makes sense that some roofing systems fail when snow is not properly removed.

Snow that has piled up atop the roof should be removed quickly before it weakens the roof’s structure and surface. Inspect the roof after a snow storm and look for deformities, ponding water, leaking and popping sounds. You should have a roofing contractor out to your property right away if you notice any of these signs.

Certain kinds of roofs are more susceptible to certain types of damage from snowfall. Roofs that have lower slopes are more damage-prone than steep roofs, since the snow cannot slide off easily. Multi-level roofs can become victim to built up snow in areas due to wind. Even if the weight of the snow is not beyond capacity, wind blown snow can cause leaks and other roofing system failures.

Be sure to promptly (and safely!) remove snow from your roof. If you find any sign of damage, call us right away – we even do emergency repairs if needed!



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