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Snow and Your Solar Panels

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Does your home or commercial building have solar panels?

Solar electric roofing systems regenerate electricity, save energy and water and reduce your bills. But what happens when snowfall covers the panels?

Popular belief is that solar panels will not work efficiently without direct sunlight, which is not necessarily true. The panels often do work better in bright, sunny conditions, but light snowfall generally has little effect on the function of solar panels. Heavier snow of several inches or more may cause solar panels to stop generating power, which can be solved by removing the snow from roof.

If snow melts quickly, you don’t need to worry about removal. The panels may actually aid in the process of melting snow faster as they give off hear, and their smooth surface allows melting snow to slide off  easier as well. If you find that there is still quite a bit of snow on your roof (which may be the case this winter with all the snow!) you can use a roof rake or other specialized tools.

Reflection from sun off the snow on the ground, as well as the cooler temperatures that come with winter allow your solar panels to work very efficiently. Some homeowners in cooler and snowier areas have even seen a higher energy efficiency in snowy weather than in the summer.

Worried that your solar panels will be pointless in this gloomy weather? Worry no more!

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Courtesy of Home Energy Pros

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