Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Attention
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Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Attention

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Maintaining the integrity of your commercial roof is essential to prevent damage to the structure and interior of your commercial building. Regular inspection and routine maintenance can help you avoid premature failure of your roof.

Indoor Moisture Issues

Minor leaks in your roof are often first noticed when water starts dripping from the ceiling or you find puddles on the floor after a big rain. However, there are less obvious symptoms of minor roof leaks which can help you avoid a larger repair bill.

If you notice corrosion of the HVAC or electrical components that are tucked above the ceilings, mold growth, higher than normal humidity, or unsightly stains on window frames and ceiling tiles, it’s time to have your commercial roof inspected.

Sags and Dips in a Flat Roof

Addressing dips and sags where standing water collects is an important step in maintaining any flat, commercial roof. If the problem isn’t remedied, the membrane will deteriorate and begin to leak. Infiltration of water can rot and rust decking material, weaken the deck structure and ruin the insulation.

Rising Energy Costs

If you’re noticing your cooling and heating costs are trending upward, it could indicate a roof problem. When water gets into the insulation beneath the roofing, it becomes saturated and loses most of its R-value.

Damaged Edge Flashing

Edge flashing keeps the membrane secured in place, so that it remains watertight. The best way to make sure its intact is to periodically walk the perimeter of the building and visually check the edge of the roof. If you spot any areas that have gaps, or appear to be bent or loose, take a closer look and have any issues addressed right away.

Blocked Drains

It’s important to check and make sure your roof drains are draining properly to avoid water ponding and the host of issues this can create. The best way to make sure the drains are flowing freely is to check the downspouts during a rain event to see if there’s a good volume of water being discharged.

Timely Repairs

When you suspect even a small problem with your commercial roof, it is a good idea to address it by completing timely roof repairs.Glencoe, IL businesses have the advantage of being able to call on the experts at Showalter Roofing Service for all their roofing needs, both small and large.

Avoid unnecessary expense – call or visit us at to have your minor repair taken care of before it becomes a major issue.

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