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Showalter Gives Back

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Located on 1,000 acres in the wilderness of Michigan’s northern peninsula, Camp Paradise’s scenic environment alone is conducive to improving relationships between fathers and their children. By hosting father/daughter & father/son camps, men’s reunions, work camps, father/daughter date nights, and boys’ night out Camp Paradise creates an opportunity for fathers to step away from their busy work schedules and invest in their families. When the camp director approached us with the largest building campaign in camp’s history, Showalter Roofing Service, Inc. felt compelled to participate.

Phase I of Camp Paradise’s building was the construction of a new 10,000+ sq. ft. chapel. Over four months we worked with the camp to determine and implement the logistics: blueprint readings, material ordering, fabricating any metal flashings, and obtaining the supplies and equipment needed. Then we loaded trucks and a trailer and set out on an adventure – installing a roof over several days, a stone’s throw away from Canada, in the late fall, while staying at a camp with beautiful accommodations but no running water or electricity, and using wood-burning water heaters and bucket showers.

Camp Paradise’s chapel roof was installed with no problems ahead of schedule. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Camp Paradise as they continue to grow – Phase II involves building six new cabins, and we will be there to install their roofs when ready.

Showalter believes there are many worthwhile organizations in which it is worth investing, but cannot supply time and roofing resources to every cause. As a result, in addition to our service and in-kind donations, we have also contributed financially to Special Olympics of Illinois, Children’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sport Ministries, Inc., and the Aurora Soccer Foundation investing in future generations.

Effect of Contributions

How do you measure the trickledown effect from the pride of homeownership or the enhanced relationships between fathers and their children? You don’t. SRSI believes that it does not just provide a product, but a service that has impact beyond roof installation. In the same way, we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Camp Paradise believing in their causes and knowing they have influence beyond providing shelter or attending camp, they contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Real Estate Industry Contributions

It is challenging to see Camp Paradise’s contribution to the real estate industry. Habitat for Humanity’s contribution is more tangible: they restore and build houses. By restoring dilapidated houses, Habitat improves the appearance and value which affects the appearance and value of the neighborhood as a whole. By building houses, Habitat increases the inventory of homes for future sale and purchase.

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