Safety First When Working On Your Roof
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Safety first!

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Safety is the most important thing to consider when working on your roof. Make sure to follow these precautions when working on your roof.

  1. Never work on the roof alone. Someone should be present to help in the event of an accident.
  2. The ladder should be on a solid and level surface. Use a ladder stabilizer that attaches to the top of the ladder. Dig holes to hold the ladder in place if the legs sit on a dirt or grass surface. Attach a board behind the legs if the ladder is on a porch or deck to prevent slipping.
  3. Avoid walking on the roof when it’s wet, and remember that leaves on a roof can also create a slippery surface.
  4. Always wear a safety harness and make sure it is tied to something stable.
  5. Wear sturdy shoes or boots with good traction, and use safety glasses and a hardhat.
  6. If you do any work on the roof yourself, keep it clear of debris, cleaning up as you go. Remove any tools you aren’t using, as well as nails and old shingles.
  7. Attach a ladder to the surface of the roof or temporarily nails sections of two by fours to create safe footing.
  8. Be aware of the weather. If conditions are temperament, put off the work for another day.
  9. Keep your eyes on the area you’re working on to avoid misstepping or tripping.
  10. If you are uncomfortable with heights or feel unstable on a ladder, don’t go up on your roof. Know limitations and call a professional; it’s the safest thing to do.


information courtesy of superpages.

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