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Roof Repair

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects the people and things inside day and night from the elements. However, after a while, nature can take its toll on your roof. Snow, ice, rain, falling branches and debris blown in the wind can all have adverse effects on your home’s roof, causing it to need repairs. If you act proactively, though, you can avoid costly repairs. Follow these tips to prevent minor issues from becoming big roof problems.

Trimming, Pruning, and Cleaning

Overhanging trees can present a risk to your roof. Branches can fall down during storms or high winds, or they can swing and scrape up against your home. Have a professional prune and trim trees which present dangers to your roof and consult them on which trees should be removed from the property entirely.

Leaves and debris from trees can also cause damage to your roof. When buildup of leaves, twigs, and other litter occurs on your roof, it can clog pathways for water and stop proper drainage. Likewise, if there is too much built up in your gutters, water will not drain properly. This can cause water damage to your roof, so make sure to thoroughly clean off your roof periodically.


Checking routinely for leaks in your home’s roof is crucial if you want to avoid big problems down the line. If you have small leak in your roof, it won’t take much for it to become a much bigger issue. Storms and heavy precipitation can make little leaks a lot worse. Take a flashlight to the underside of your roof the next time it rains to detect where small leaks may already be occurring. You can also check for stains and water damage on your ceiling or on walls for evidence of a leak.


Calling a professional roofer is never a bad idea to maintain your home’s roof. They will inspect your roof and perform small repairs to the roof including caulking, shingle repairs, flashing, and fixing small leaks. Preventative measures are especially important before the harsh Midwest winter. You’ll thank yourself for spending a small amount of money up front to do maintenance instead of facing the cost of replacing your entire roof.

Get the Right Products

Choose only the highest quality products for your home’s roof to ensure maximum protection and minimal likelihood of damage or repairs. Get shingles, accessories, and underlayments that exceed building codes. Trust only a top-name roofing contractor like Showalter for all your roofing needs!

Showalter Roofing Service

Keep your family and possessions safe by keeping your home’s roof properly maintained. If you need a professional roofing contractor in Chicagoland, please give Showalter Roofing Service a call at (630) 499-7700.

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