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Meet Michelle!

Published by Andrew Schmidt

This past summer Showalter Roofing hired Michelle Cielenski in the role of Project Manager. Michelle immediately was given the opportunity to utilize her years of experience by managing crews and overseeing a town home roofing project located in the western suburbs. This project required Michelle to work closely with residents and a homeowner association board. Various unforeseen issues arose during the project in which Michelle handled in a professional and tactful manner. Her keen planning and communication skills played a key role in this project. The project was completed on time and left the residents very pleased with the final results.

Michelle has a background of construction management with 30 years of field experience including carpentry, remodeling and home maintenance. Backed by strong credibility and a proven history of on-time, on-budget and high-quality project completion. She attended Purdue University, majoring in engineering.

Michelle’s interests outside of work include remodeling, family time and fine arts and crafts. Her life goal is to help the less fortunate by creating a house that everyone can afford.

We are excited to have Michelle as the latest addition to our team!

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