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Insulating your Attic

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Even though attics are often the most infrequently visited part of your home, protecting it with insulation can save you money and allow your roof to live out its full life expectancy. Attics get extremely hot in the summer, and extremely cold in the winter without insulation, and that lack of protection creates a loss of energy.

Insulation serves two purposes – thermal resistance and thermal loss. During the summer, the temperature of the air in the attic increases, then decreases rapidly at night, creating a build-up of moisture. This moisture can cause severe damage to the rafters in the attic as well as the roof, which may then need to be replaced.

Winter can also be of concern when it comes to the condition of your attic. Hot air coming from your heater rises to the attic – if it is not properly vented, the air is trapped beneath the roof. Once freezing temperatures hit, it turns to moisture that does not have the chance to dry out.

If you have concerns about attic ventilation and how it may be affecting your roof, call Showalter for a roof inspection!



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