How to Protect Your Roof with Gutter Heaters
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How to Protect Your Roof with Gutter Heaters

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Protect Your Roof with Gutter Heaters

Protect Your Roof from Snow and Ice Buildup

A snow-covered roof is a beautiful sight in the wintertime, but it can also be a hazard. When temperatures fluctuate, snow begins to melt and refreeze. This cycle creates ice dams that can cause significant water and structural damage to your home.

Gutter heaters, also known as roof heat cables or de-icing cables, are a great tool for preventing these ice dams. Installing them will help curb damage while prolonging the life of your roof. Read more about the benefits of winterizing your roof with gutter heaters.

What are Gutter Heaters?

Gutter heaters are long heated cables that are installed on your roof to prevent the build-up of snow and ice. While they can be placed directly in gutters, they are more commonly installed along the eaves of your roof.

They work by melting the snow directly around the cables, which creates a clear path for water to drain out through your gutters. These de-icing cables aren’t meant to melt all the snow on your roof, just small areas near the edges.

How Much Electricity Does a Roof Heat Cable Use?

Because roof heat cables need to be plugged in, they do use a fair amount of electricity. However, some models have self-regulating technology, which means they can automatically vary their energy output to fit the weather conditions. These regulating heating cables will use less energy than constant wattage cables. As an added bonus, regulating cables also tend to last longer than other models.

Roof Heat Cable Installation

De-icing cables can be installed on your own, but it’s usually easier to hire a professional roofing company to get the job done. During your installation appointment, a roofing technician will first measure your roof to determine how much cabling is necessary.

Then, they’ll install the heat cable along the edge of your roof using a specialized zig-zag design. This design is the most efficient way to prevent melted snow from freezing and creating ice dams along your gutters. Once everything has been installed, the technician will give power to the cable and perform a test to ensure everything is working correctly.

Don’t Wait to Winterize Your Roof

Maintaining your roof is an important step in keeping your house in good condition throughout the winter. When it comes to winterizing your roof, trust the experts at Showalter Roofing. We offer the best roof repair & maintenance in Aurora, IL.

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