Hailstorm Safety & Hail Damage Detection
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Hailstorm Safety and Hail Damage Detection

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Severe storms often bring plenty of rain, loud thunder and heavy winds. As if this wasn’t scary enough, sometimes hail is added in the mix, threatening cars, yard furniture and of course – your roof. Follow this safety guide of what to do during each stage of a hailstorm, and how to check for roof damage afterward.

Before the storm:

  • When hail is in the forecast, close drapes, blinds and window shades to prevent potential injury from broken glass that may blow inside. 

During the storm:

  • DO NOT attempt to go outside during the storm to protect your property – stay indoors until the storm has passed.
  • Stay away from skylights, windows and doors.

After the storm:

  • Verify that you can safely go outside. Avoid broken branches or power lines.
  • Check trees, shrubs and plants around your house. If they are stripped of foliage, it is possible your roof is damaged. Dented patio covers, screens or soft aluminum roof vents could also indicate roof damage.
  • Damage to asphalt shingles from a hailstorm is typically one of two types: rupturing of the reinforcing mat (means a potential loss in the shingle’s water-shedding ability) or loss of granules (means that the expected service life of the shingle is potentially reduced)
  • Cover any broken windows and holes in your roof to prevent water from entering your home and causing damage to the interior.



Courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and FLASH



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