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Follow the Signs

Published by Andrew Schmidt

You can tell a lot about why your roof is failing by what you see. Blisters, wrinkles and splits may all mean a different issue with the roof. By assessing the effects, you can determine what the cause of your roofing problems is and fix it more easily.

Here are some tell-tale signs of roofing failure:

Blisters: These raised areas on the roof are the most common problem seen on commercial roofs. Water vapor or other gas can become trapped within the roofing system between plies and insulation. When the sun comes out, the gas expands and pushes the plies apart. Blister-causing moisture may be occur due to improper insulation, or if the roof was installed in the presence of rain or snow.

Splitting: A common cause for splitting is when the roof membrane flashes a metal accessory; temperature changes cause both to expand and contract at different rates, eventually causing the membrane to crack. You may also find splits in expansion joints or other areas on the roof’s surface.

Wrinkles: You may find wrinkles in either the flashing or within the roofing membrane. When the movement of the roof deck and the perimeter differs, the flashings will wrinkle and create an opening where water can enter the building.

Punctures: Punctures, tears and holes stem mostly from carelessness. Anyone who visits the roof, such as HVAC technicians, tenants or maintenance staff, may puncture or cause other initially unnoticed damage to your roof. Debris that is blown onto the roof is also a common cause.

The best way to prevent roofing failure is to make sure it has been properly installed and maintained. Keep an eye out for these and other tell-tale signs of roofing issues so you can have them repaired quickly before extensive damage is done.



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