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Estimating the Cost of Your New Roof

Published by Andrew Schmidt

So, the time has come, you have decided to bite the bullet and get yourself a new roof. Before you dive right in, there are ways you can estimate how much this renovation is going to cost you.

The first step is determining how damaged your existing roof is – you will have to account for the cost of stripping off the old roofing material. Next, you calculate the cost per square foot of roofing material. Shingles are installed by the square, so in order to determine the number of squares needed, you must measure the total area of your roof and divide it by one hundred (it is also safe to have extra shingles in the case of any errors).

The next figure in estimating costs is the material you will use for your roof. Metal roofs, versus wooden roofs, will have a different cost, and using fancier material will obviously cost you more. You will also need your roofing contractor to inspect the roof structure beneath the shingles to ensure no other materials or procedures will be needed.

Being aware of what elements contribute to the cost of your new roof will keep you smart and aware of whether you are paying an appropriate amount for what you’re getting. You can also request an estimate for your residential or commercial roof by calling Showalter or visiting our website.



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