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Do I Need a New Roof? – #5 Exhaust Vents

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Exhaust Vents

Most homes have at least one type of exhaust fan that exits into the attic. The most popular is the bathroom fan, but others include kitchen exhaust and dryer vents. If the fan exit through the attic it is important that it also is vented to the outside of the roof. If not this hot moist air will cause severe condensation in the attic and even mold growth. Here are some examples of what a fan looks like in the attic unvented and then vented to the outside:

exhaust vent_3

exhaust vent_1exhaust vent_2

There are vent kits that can be purchased at you local home improvement store to do this yourself. It includes the flexible pipe, attachments and the vent installed on the roof. We hope to have a video out soon that will give you the step by step process for correct installation.  If you would like to be notified, contact us.

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