Valuable Benefits of Roof Coatings
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Benefits of Roof Coatings

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Roof coatings are becoming a valuable option for managers who are looking to maintain and economically restore aging roofs as well as reduce its impact on the environment. They are valuable for a variety of reasons:

Increased roof life: Workers can repair, coat and restore moderately aged roofs to a maintainable condition, as well as fix roofs that have leaks if the amount of wet insulation is somewhat low by patching the area before coating. Coating can slow the effects of ultraviolet and heat aging by reducing temperatures.

Reduced construction debris: When workers apply a roof coating, it can delay the need for a costly replacement and prevent the need to tear off and replace the old insulation and roofing membrane.

Reduced energy use: Because of the coating’s ability to reduce the temperature of your roof, it can also reduce the load on your building’s HVAC system.

Aesthetic improvements: The application of a coating can significantly improve the appearance of a roof rather than replacing the roof for aesthetic reasons.

Microclimate management: Water ponding on certain areas of low-slope roofs can lead to premature deterioration and leaking. Applying carefully selected coating products to the affected areas can prolong the life of the entire roofing system.




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