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Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Published by Andrew Schmidt

The nice weather means remodeling or renovation projects on your home. Avoiding common errors can save you time and money.

Not knowing what you want.

If you don’t know exactly what you want or specify your wants, the end result will be what the contractor thinks you want. Be clear with your objectives, and find examples if possible, so you aren’t paying for something that doesn’t match your vision.

Hiring the first contractor you find.

Have you looked at any past work, reviews or certifications? He may seem nice, competent and as excited as you are about the project, but don’t rush into anything you haven’t done any research about.

Jumping at the lowest bid.

Get at least three bids, and throw out the lowest to avoid cheap materials, lazy workers and a shoddy job. Hire someone who comes within target, but someone you also feel comfortable with.

Not insisting on a written contract.

Every detail should be written in a contract and signed by all parties involved. Set a time limit for fixing any defects so you won’t have an endless dispute down the road.

Not setting a payment schedule.

Begin with the amount you pay upfront, which should be no more than 30 percent. Periodic payments after the work starts should correspond to completed segments of the project. Leave a significant segment of the payment (at least ten percent) to be paid once the project is completed to ensure your satisfaction with the work done.



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