7 Ways Your Furry Friends can Cause Roof Damage
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7 Ways Your Furry Friends can Cause Roof Damage

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Little furry friends can be cute, but not when they cause damage to your roof. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels, bats and mosquitoes can chew on things, leave droppings or even create nests on the piece of your home you rely on most for protection. Here is some of the animal damage to look for:

1. Any small animal can get into your attic or crawl space and make themselves right at home. Check the exposed wiring, since rodents such as mice, squirrels and rats chew on wires to keep their teeth sharp. Ever heard of the term “roof rats?” They love to camp out in your attic, but may also nest in shrubs, trees and garbages.

2. Animals can tear open soffits, the underside of arches, beams or stairways, as well as peel back siding or tear down shingles. Look for tracks or claw marks on the roof to see if an animal is coming and going. There are often signs – entry holes or black slick marks from animal body oils – that will tell you if an animal has been making itself at home.

3. Often animals use tree branches, trim, downspouts or trellises to get to and from the roof.

4. Gutter lines and the interface between boards and roof sheathing are prime locations for animal damage.

5. Roof vents and attic fans can be damaged or torn off by wild birds or other animals.

6. Chimneys are also a great entrance and exit into your home.

7. Birds love to nest in gutters, which is one more reason to clean them out annually.

We love animals – but only when they stay where they belong! Animal damage repair is just another part of the job, so give us a call if you suspect any excess “pets” around your home.



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