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Residential Roof Problems

Common Residential Roof Problems

Algae GrowthTorn Neoprene Plumbing Stack FlashingBlown-Off Chimney CapBroken Power Vent HousingAnimal DamageSmashed Roof VentBlown-Off ShinglesMetal Ridge VentImproper Counterflashing InstallationDeteriorated Chimney CapRusted Chimney CapBrick Masonry DeteriorationCracked Chimney CapClogged Gutters
Residential Roof Problems - Algae Growth

Algae Growth
Dark staining that forms on areas of the roof that do not get a chance to dry out. Typically on the North side of homes.

Roof Problems - Torn Neoprene Plumbing Stack Flashing

Torn Neoprene Plumbing Stack Flashing
Allows the moisture to run down the pipe in to the home. This needs a new flashing. Most last about 10 years.

Blown-Off Chimney Cap
High winds can cause these caps to blow off allowing water to get into the pipe. The simple fix is just to install a new cap.

Roof Problems - Broken Power Vent Housing

Broken Power Vent Housing
Some power vents have plastic tops which dry out and crack over time. Tree branches or hail can cause extensive damage. New caps can be ordered to replace them, but often it is time to replace the whole vent as the motor will soon stop working

Residential Roof Problems - Animal Damage

Animal Damage
Animals can cause extensive damage to roofs if they sense there is some rotted wood or damaged shingles. The first step is to get the animals out of the attic and then replace the wood and roofing materials. There are animal control specialists who can help you with the animal part and we can help you with the roofing part. Call us for the name of animal control specialist.

Residential Roof Problems - Smashed Roof Vent

Smashed Roof Vent
Vents get smashed by animals or humans who accidently put weight on them. This cuts off the air flow out of the attic and cause heat to build up in the attic. The best course of action is to replace the vent.

Residential Roof Problems - Blown-Off Shingles

Blown-Off Shingles
Wind storms can cause damage to specific areas of the roof. If the shingles are not too old the shingles can be replaced with matching shingles. If the roof is too old, the shingles will not match as well. That’s why it’s good to have extra shingles stored away when the roof is installed.

Residential Roof Problems - Metal Ridge Vent

Metal Ridge Vent
This vent that is installed on the ridgeline of the roof allows air to flow out the top of the roof. Sometimes the wind can loosen the nails and the vent comes off or is raised by the wind allowing moisture to enter the home. This can be reattached or a new ridge vent can be installed that is covered over by the ridge cap shingles, making it a much more secure attachment.

Residential Roof Problems - Improper Counterflashing Installation

Improper Counterflashing Installation
If the metal is not cut into the mortar joint the only source of waterproof protection is the caulking. When that dries up and flakes off, there is not barrier remaining to keep the water from coming in. It can be recaulked, but a more permanent solution is to have new flashing installed correctly. (See Residential Glossary/Sheet Metal/Step Flashing)

Residential Roof Problems - Deteriorated Chimney Cap

Deteriorated Chimney Cap
This occurs when moisture penetrates the concrete cap and it disintegrates. This could have been avoided with seasonal waterproofing. This chimney cap will have to be replaced by a qualified mason.

Residential Roof Problems - Rusted Chimney Cap

Rusted Chimney Cap
This occurs when the chimney cover has not been painted or maintained. Eventually it will rust through and need to be replaced. There are prepainted caps available for installation that will not rust. This one would have to be sanded, primed and painted to keep it from staining the roof.

Residential Roof Problems - Brick Masonry Deterioration

Brick Masonry Deterioration
When masonry work is not sealed it can absorb moisture and cause the mortar to disintegrate. Sometime tuckpointing, which is removal and reapplication of the mortar will fix the problem. This chimney is so far gone it will need the top part rebuilt. Silicone water treatment is a good way to preserve your masonry structures.

Residential Roof Problems - Cracked Chimney Cap

Cracked Chimney Cap
This occurs when settling occurs in the chimney causing cracks that allow moisture to penetrate the cap and eventually will cause the bricks to spall (split). These cracks can be caulked and should be maintained regularly. We install a waterproofing material called Crown Coat that seals this problem permanently. Give us a call: 630-499-7700

Residential Roof Problems - Clogged Gutters

Clogged Gutters
Clogged gutters will cause water to overflow onto the ground around the home or building. This can cause many different types of problems such as water seepage in basements, damage to finished garage doors, and plantings and much more. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year, especially before winter and also again in later spring; once a month if there are lots of trees around your home. There are also leaf guards that are available to help solve this problem. Contact us for more information.

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