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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing, windows, and siding services!

Professional Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are a vital part of the health of your roofing system. When an issue arises, the repair must be done as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the exterior or interior of the structure.

Experts in Roof Repair

Showalter Roofing has a team of dedicated individuals with the knowledge andexperience to fix the issue. You will first be introduced by one of our experts in repair andthey will be the roofing experts to evaluate the problem, and search to find the source of the issue. It is imperative that the source of the roofing problem be uncovered and identified…otherwise the repair was not complete.

Evaluate & Communicate the Extent of the Damage

We will evaluate the severity of the repair and inform you of the extent of the damage. Many times we encourage your participation so we can show you and explain what the problem is and how the roofing experts will repair the roof. Then we go to work.

Clean & Safe

With any roofing project, new roof, tear off roof or roof repair we believe that keeping the roof and surrounding area as clean as possible. Our goal is to minimize disruption andkeep everyone within the area or passing through the area… safe.

When each repair is complete, we clean up after ourselves to ensure we leavethe space as we came.

Showalter roofing foremen are OSHA certified and closely enforce the safety rules inorder to protect the workers, the customer and the customer’s building and assets. In addition, Showalter continues to develop and reinforce the skills of all of our workers to ensure minimal errors and quality workmanship. The company was founded by roofers who believe in quality, honesty and safety, and we uphold those same ethics today.

Maintain Records of Your Roof’s History

By using Showalter Roofing for any problems with your roofing system, we maintain a database with the historical information on your roof. We believe that keeping the history on your roof will help us to better identify patterns of problems, age, wear and tear, and damage caused by natural causes such as snow, ice, wind or rain. It aids us to diagnose issues faster, better and more efficient.

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