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Covid-19 Update

To our Customers and Friends,

The terms “unprecedented” and “uncertain” are being used extensively lately. While these words are accurate and indeed fitting in many ways when describing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic, they do not tell the entire story.

Unprecedented. Coronavirus is uniquely serious and deserving of our attention and action; yet, throughout Showalter’s Forty-year history, we as a company and as a nation have seen and weathered much before– recession, terrorism, wars, economic instability, and global unrest. The fact is, though this particular challenge is unprecedented, the determination and resiliency necessary to face it, are nothing new to Americans.

Uncertain. True, we do not know when this situation will come to an end. Many experts predict we could be dealing with the spread of this disease for weeks, if not months. Yet, regardless of the “when,” one thing of which we are certain is that Showalter Roofing will continue to remain committed to upholding our founding values of caring for our customers and employees as well as being a force for good in our community, both now and long after this crisis has passed.

Regarding business operations– we understand that in a dynamic situation such as this, information changes rapidly, and we are closely monitoring the situation. At this time, we will continue to carry on operations to the best of our ability and will rely upon on our technologies and unparalleled team of roofing experts, to continue to provide the essential services our customers require. Rest assured, we will be here to address roofing emergencies as well as conduct fully remote, satellitebased roofing estimates, until such time as we are instructed otherwise by the government.

Without doubt, this will be a period of change and difficulty, but we urge everyone to continue to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infection, use common sense, spend time with your families, and most of all, resist fear and remain hopeful that we will make it through this time of trouble, together.

Sincerely, The Showalter Roofing Team


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