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Showalter is proud to now be your one-stop-shop for roofing, windows, and siding services!

Commercial Roofing Estimate

Addison roofing and repairs are conducted by the most experienced and well known roofing company: Showalter Roofing. Showalter Roofing is Addison‘s leading roofing contractor for high performance roofing systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We have earned the designation of GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing for residential roofing in Illinois as well as GAF master Select designation for commercial roofing in Illinois. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive customer support, installation and repair services.

Re Roofing or Tear Off Roofing Services for Your Home in Addison Illinois

Installing a new roof on your home are most times caused from the natural elements from the weather: wind, rain, sun, and those spring storms. Let’s not forget those branches hanging low that rub against the roofing system. Shingles contain granules which come loose exposing the roofing shingles to additional wear. Even shake roofs become weaker when tree branches rub causing the shakes to become loose and fall off. Be sure to have Showalter Roofing inspect your roofing system as part of your maintenance routine on your home.

Roof Repairs on Your Home in Addison Illinois

Roof leaks, missing or damaged vents, missing shingles or sheet metal repairs are all areas that Showalter Roofing can help bring your roofing system back into working order. Our team of roofing experts will show you what we’ve done and alert you to any areas on your roof that may need attention in the future. Keep Showalter Roofing’s phone number handy when you need a roofing professional to fix your roof. Or simply contact us!

New Roof on Your Commercial Property or Industrial Building in Addison Illinois

Showalter Roofing works with management companies, industrial organizations and commercial buildings where we can completely tear off your existing roof system or re-roof over the existing roof … only if conditions allow. We will help you to determine which commercial roof will best meet your needs for budget, durability, energy savings, energy efficiencies, and environmental impact. Our team of commercial roofers have the experience needed to install a roofing system that will protect from the elements of weather, foot traffic and anything else that may come its way. Learn more about our energy star commercial roofing systems.

Roof Repairs on Your Commercial Property or Industrial Building in Addison Illinois

Roof leaks, loose vents or even missing roofing pieces can happen anytime of the year. Showalter Roofing works to quickly fix your roof so you can focus on your business. We’ll show you where the issues are contained on your roof and alert you to any problems that may develop in the future. Keep Showalter Roofing’s phone number handy when you need a roofing professional to fix your roof. Or simply contact us!

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    We are extremely proud of the relationships we have built with our customers, and it is good to know they love us back! Read why we are receiving more 5-star reviews than ever.

    They are a very professional company, their employees are very well trained, they are a family business and they stand behind their work."

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    Two thumbs up for Showalter Roofing ... Fantastic squared."

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    I can't tell you how pleased we are with their service, response and professionalism."

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    When the time comes to repair or replace your roof, you can never be too cautious about the company you entrust with the job. After all, your family resides between your home’s four walls, and under your roof, seven days a week. So, it’s smart to choose a roofing contractor who can provide professional satisfaction and true peace of mind.


    Showalter is the top roofing company in Naperville, and we have the credentials to back up our reputation! We also have a multitude of roofing industry affiliations, including the following:

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