The Impact Of Roofing Water Damage On Your Home
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I Have a Leaky Roof: So What?

Published by Andrew Schmidt

The transition between winter and spring means temperatures steadily increasing and snow consistently melting. While we must adjust to these changes, so do our homes. Our experienced team of roofers near Downers Grove have seen firsthand the effects of roofing water damage. Roof leaks shouldn’t be procrastinated as they can quickly damage your entire house.

We’ve outlined the unexpected ways roofing water damage can impact you and your home.

  1. Mildew and mold hazards

Water intrusion can easily lead to the development of black mold. Although black mold isn’t often toxic, non-toxic black mold can attack anything from floor coverings to wood framing. In return, you and your family will breathe in mold which can lead to asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions and other serious health issues.

  1. Slip and fall hazards

Puddled water can easily impact you and your active family. Picture running children and pets taking laps around the house only to slip and fall in a pile of water from your roof leak.

  1. Fire hazards

Your electrical wiring could be near your attic or ceiling, so a leaky roof could be a fire threat from shorted wires. If you realize you’re at risk, turn off electricity to the area and call us immediately.

  1. Increase in utility bills

Wasted energy is an end result of a leaking roof. If your insulation becomes too saturated, it could take a long time to dry out. Regardless of the time of year this happens, a loss of hot or cold air will increase your utility bills.

  1. Structural damage

It’s no secret that roof leaks lead to saturated ceiling joists and wall framing.

Showalter Roofing wants to ensure your roof is always in its finest condition. If you believe you’re experiencing roofing leaks, contact our roofers near Downers Grove today.

Some information courtesy of: Angie’s List

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