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Winter Protection

Published by Andrew Schmidt

How did your roof hold up against the recent snow fall? Hopefully well, because it was only the beginning! The combination of snow, ice build-up and cold temperatures can cause a variety of issues for your roof. Installing snow and ice shields is a good way to minimize the risk of winter weather damage.

Snow & Ice Shields Protect Your Home
By having a snow and ice shield installed, you can effectively protect your home and save money on future repairs. Snow guards are another addition to hold snow on the roof in place for controlled melting, rather than sliding off in heavy piles. If left on your roof , snow can cause a lot of extra weight and cause leaks, rotting, and other potential damage.

Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor
You should turn to a professional to get this job done. Walking on a roof is already dangerous, and any ice, water or snow present makes the surface more slippery and poses additional risk. Professional contractors know how to install the shields and work at the best time possible to avoid dangerous situations.

Roof Maintenance
Regularly checking up on your roof is vital in ensuring your roof lasts throughout its expected lifetime, especially during winter months. Either inspect your roof several times a year yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you. Survey the roof after any major storms in the winter and early spring.

Applying Snow & Ice Shields
When you are ready to have a snow and ice shield installed to your roof, contact a qualified contractor. Check with your local Better Business Bureau, confirm the business is licensed, and do any additional research to ensure the company works up to your standards.

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