Top 7 Ways to Decide: Do I need a New Roof?
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Top 7 Ways to Decide: "Do I need a New Roof?"

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Identify the valley's on your shingle roof
Identify the valley's on your shingle roof

Your roof is 10 years old and you are in a neighborhood where roofs are starting to be replaced. You start to worry that maybe you should have your roof replaced too. After all, “everyone is doing it.” Here are a few guidelines that I am sure will help you:

1.  Valleys go first. Most roofs last a minimum of 17 to 20 years depending on the pitch of the roof and how many valleys and obstacles are on the roof. The steeper the pitch the longer the roof will last. If you can easily walk on your roof, then that roof should last the minimums stated above. Valleys are usually the first area to go bad as that is where water accumulates in a trough before it leaves the roof. Some asphalt shingle roofs have lasted up to 30 years.

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