The Most Common Roofing Problems
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The Most Common Roofing Problems

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Think about how important your roof is; it protects you from all weather conditions at all times. At one point or another, however, it’s inevitable that you are going to suffer from some sort of roofing problem. Our Aurora, IL roofers have experience dealing with all roofing problems, both common and uncommon. Here are some of the most common problems we deal with and how to fix them.

Leaks & Excess Moisture

There are tons of ways your roof may develop a leak. Poor seams, worn-out material or flashing details that aren’t properly fashioned are just a few examples. Depending on the size of the leak, you may be able to tackle the problem on your own. If it’s a structural problem, you’ll want to call our Aurora, IL roofers to fix the problem.

Faulty Installation

Workmanship is an important aspect of the lifespan of your roof. If the initial roofing company did a poor job, you’ll be able to tell, as your roof will age prematurely or give out before it’s supposed to. Depending on the damage, we may or may not be able to salvage your roof. But it may be in your best interest to start fresh.


Maybe you are neglecting taking care of your roof for financial reasons or maybe it’s simply not an aspect of your home you worry about. We noticed issues like misplaced flashing, unfilled pitch pockets and ponding water. It’s a good idea to fix these issues before they snowball into an even bigger problem.

Routine maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your roof. If you need roofing help, our Aurora, IL roofers want to help you! Call us today to set up an appointment.  

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