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Spring Roof Repair

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Can you believe how quickly 2018 is flying by? As of March 20th, it’s officially spring and we couldn’t be more excited for the warm weather. With warm weather comes a lot of unfinished home projects. Maybe this winter took a toll on your roof or this is finally the year you’re going to do those touch-ups you always promised yourself. Whatever the reasoning may be, Showalter Roofing has top-notch roofers in Oswego that can help fix your roofing problems.

Here are some signs that you need your roof repaired:

Damaged Shingles

Let’s face it; shingles don’t last forever, especially in cities like Chicago that have such extreme weather conditions. If you see that your shingles are on their last leg, it’s time to call our roofers in Oswego. This could mean they’re cracked, curled, dirty, wet or absent altogether.

Shingle Granules in Gutters

If your shingles are made from asphalt or composite, their granules will start to wear into a material that resembles thick, black sand. It may end up in your gutter. If this is the case, you’ll need them replaced.

Wear & Tear On Roof Objects/Openings

Especially after the winter, you might notice deterioration around your chimney, vest, pipes and other objects. Fixes must be done, but they can often be confined to these specific areas.

A Sagging Roof Deck

During spring, everything is wet and melting. This could lead to a sagging roof due to your decking or rafters in your attic not being able to hold their weight. This may or may not be a localized issue, but it’s always best to get our professional opinion before taking any steps to fix the problem.

Higher Energy Bills

It’s never a good sign when your energy bills suddenly skyrocket. Depending on if you have your heat or air conditioning on, the warm or cool air might be escaping through small cracks in your roof. Once you address this problem, your energy bills will return to normal.

Spring is a great time to evaluate your roof and make any necessary changes. Our roofers near Oswego are happy to help you with both your residential and commercial roofing needs. If you have questions or concerns, contact us today!

Source: Harry Helmet

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