Is A Storm Chaser Offering Roof Repairs Legitimate?
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Is a Storm Chaser Offering Roof Repairs Legitimate?

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Have you heard of someone called a “storm chaser?” Storm chasers travel from area to area in the hopes of finding major storms. The motive behind storm chasers is not always the same, but recently, storm chasers are posing as reliable contractors, claiming to be experienced in roofing in Glencoe, Il. While not all storm chasers are scammers and not all out-of-town contractors are storm chasers, it is important that you are aware of this tactic that some people are implementing.

What the “Contractors” Are Offering

If you get a knock on your door from someone who is promising cheap, even free, services for your roof that has been damaged in a recent storm, it is best to say that you are not interested in their services at this time. While it is important to tend to your roofing problems, you want to rely on an insured, professional company to help you.

Types of Repairs We Can Perform

At Showalter Roofing Service, Inc., our team has helped many Glencoe, Il residents with their roofing problems, even if it’s a last-minute repair. If you have an active leak, please call us at 630-499-7700 and our team will help you right away! If you don’t have an active leak, we can still inspect your roof and make sure that there is no major damage. Damage from hail is also a possibility and something that we are happy to help you with as well.

Be aware of storm chasers in your area that will try to pressure you into making repairs that you don’t want to make. Instead, hold off and call our team instead.

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