What An Ice Dam Really Means & How It Can Be Removed?
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Ice dam removal. What an Ice dam really means.

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Ice dams form when the roof surface is warm enough to melt snow and the eaves are cold enough to freeze the runoff into icicles. These icicles are typically a waring sign that roof damage may be possible. So although the icicles may look nice they also point out an area of concern where water may be melting and freezing under the shingles of your roof.

An ice dam forms in two phases. First, heated water  migrates back up the roof and under the shingles, exposing the surface of the roof to rotting. Second, water flows over the dam to form icicles at the roof’s edge. If your roof consistently has icicles it is important to realize that there is an underlying problem and one that should be addressed before the repair becomes too costly.

For a temporary fix you can remove the snow from your roof or install heating elements, but for a more permanent fix please contact the professionals at Showalter Roofing at 630-518-4772.

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