How to Know When It’s Time for a New Roof
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How to Know When It’s Time for a New Roof in Woodridge

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years, or you have just recently moved in, it’s important to know the telltale signs of a failing roof. Your roof is the most important component of your home when it comes to protecting not only your belongings, but the structure itself. Failing to notice these early warning signs can result in unexpected damage and costly structural repairs.

  • Curled or Buckled Shingles – Buckled or curled shingles can leave your home exposed to the elements and are a definite sign of an aging roof.
  • Algae Growth or Tar Streaking – Certain types of bacteria cause algae to form on your shingles. If your shingles contain limestone, a filler added by some manufacturers to reduce costs, the algae will eat the limestone, leading to tar streaking and the untimely demise of your roof.
  • Missing Granules – If you are noticing granule buildup in your gutters, or beneath your downspouts, it’s time to consider a new roof in Woodridge, as this is a sure sign your roof is quickly losing its protective properties.
  • ·Missing Shingles – When you have missing shingles, there is nothing there to stop the water from entering your home – it’s just that simple.
  • Ice Dams – If you notice ice dams, or huge icicles along the edge of your roof, you should schedule a roof inspection right away. Ice dams are an indication that you are lacking proper ventilation, adequate insulation, or ice and water shield.
  • Leaky Chimney – If you are noticing water leaking around your chimney, you may not need a new roof, but you should schedule an inspection. Leaking indicates inadequate flashing around your chimney which needs to be repaired to prevent water damage and mold formation.
  • High Energy Bills – You may not think about your energy bills being related to your roof. However, skyrocketing heating and cooling costs may be the result of energy escaping due to poor attic ventilation and insulation, or an under-performing roof.

My Roof Isn’t That Old

A common misconception is there is a set time your roof will last. While your roof should last a good 10 – 15 years, sub-par materials or misapplication can cause a roof to fail prematurely. The age of the roof means very little if moisture is finding its way into your home.

Don’t allow a faulty roof to undermine the structural integrity of your home. If you believe your roof may need replacing, give us a call to schedule an inspection with our team of roofing experts.

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