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Heavy Rain Damage

Published by Andrew Schmidt

RainyDayOctober 2009 was a record setting month for rainfall in the Chicago area. With 19 days of heavy measurable rain during October, homeowners had a chance to put their roofs to the test. When Mother Nature acts out roofing systems can suffer the effects. Rain-water can build up in valleys and against chimneys forcing water to leak through the roof and causing serious structural damage to the home. Heavy rain damage can be prevented by performing a few routine inspections around your home. The following are the key areas to focus on prior to the rainy season in your area;

1. The Rooftop – This is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the house and is considered the main component for keeping rainwater from entering the home. The construction of rooftops for best results should be pitched or sloped to direct water downwards and does not allow it to collect on the roof. Inspecting the entire rooftop for damaged shingles, cracks, and holes will assist in preventing further damage caused by heavy rain. If you find that your rooftop has developed holes or small cracks that will allow water to leak through or if you feel your rooftop is not pitched or sloped appropriately, Showalter Roofing Services would be happy to come out, take a look at your roof, and provide the best solution to your rooftop so you can prevent damage caused by heavy rainfall.

2. Chimney – The construction of the chimney should be sealed tightly together with no revealing gaps. A chimney cap may be a consideration to install to help prevent water from coming in through the chimney. Finally, inspect the seals and flashing of where the chimney is attached to the roof. If there are signs of damage, get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Some brickwork becomes porous over time allowing moisture to actually be absorbed into the brick causing leaks. This is especially true during several consecutive days of rain. Masonry sealant will solve this problem provided the brick and mortar are in good condition.

Remember, roof repairs can be dangerous, so if you have experienced damage to your roof during this fall rain and it is fairly severe, it is best to call in a professional roofing contractor such as Showalter Roofing Service to assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs.

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