Asking The Right Questions To Choose The Right Roofer
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Asking the Right Questions

Published by Andrew Schmidt

Ready for a new roof this spring? Whether you need a repair or complete replacement, you want to make sure you choose a contractor that is going to give you a quality, long-lasting roof to protect you, your family and your home.

The only way to choose the right roofer for your project is by doing your research and asking the right questions. The following are important questions to get started:

Are you licensed and experienced?

Ask to representative if they are licensed, and to see proof – you don’t want to leave your roof in the hands of an amateur, inexperienced contractor. Find out how long the company has been in business, and how many projects they have completed similar to yours; it should be approved to install the specific roofing system. You may also want to check out what certifications the contractor has, as this is a good indicator of past success.

Showalter has been constructing and repairing residential and commercial roofs for over 30 years. You can find our license number on our website at the bottom of the page. To see some of our certifications and awards, click here

What is the proposed roofing system, and how will it be installed?

You may not understand everything in a contractor’s proposal, so ask for specific details of the removal and installation processes. You should also be aware of all the materials that will be used, and the brands/manufacturers of these materials. Walk the roof with the contractor and have him or her show you areas that may require special attention and how they will be addressed. This should also tell you approximately how long the work will take and when you can expect it to be completed.

What warranty do you offer?

What type of warranty is it – manufacturer’s or contractor’s? How long is the warranty good for? What specifically does the warranty cover and what are the dollar limits? Make sure you are given a copy of the proposed warranty.

We have a variety of warranties available, so you can choose the one that best suits you! Review our chart here.

Once you get all the details, you can feel comfortable knowing you have chosen the right roofing contractor. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a consultation, give us a call at 630-499-7700.


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